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Roof & Wall Panels Sheeting

We specialize in the manufacture, supply and exporting of industrial and domestic roofing and cladding. We make a variety of roofing and wall cladding to suit every individual client’s needs and demands. They are made with premium quality raw material so as to match international standards. They are the latest low cost, low maintenance, high durability and flexible solutions to the modern architecture. They come in different finished, shapes and styles without compromising on aesthetics, durability, toughness and strength. They are extremely easy to install and dismantle as well.

Technical Specification
Galvalume steel is a Zinc aluminum coated steel offering high resistance with a clear resin coating. They alloy coating comprises of 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and Silicon 1.5%. This coating offers a superior barrier protection against varied atmospheric conditions. The Coating Class AZ150 as per AS: 1397/ASTM A-792 it means 150gsm. Minimum coating mass total of both sides. Galvalume sheets are available in 550 mpa yield strength

Roof Sheet Wall Sheet